Rhythm for Transformation

We Are Harmonic Rhythmic Beings

Our connection to rhythm comes from our physiology. We move and function through a series of balanced actions that flow and cycle in regular rhythms. From our heartbeat and our breathing to the way we walk and move. Our arms and legs swing with balanced motion and we can create changes in pace through rhythmic shifts.

When we are healthy and well we are harmonically rhythmic beings.

“The energy of rhythm is available to everyone… whether you play music or not you are a rhythmic being and you can create energetic transformation through drumming…” Craig

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  When we organise sounds with silence we have the beginnings of rhythm. The nature of the spaces between the sounds will determine a regular rhythm or something we would describe as arrhythmic. Something that we describe as rhythmic would have a certain degree...

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“We all bear the living pulsation within ourselves” – Reinhard Flatischler