As I think about the interests, studies, work and projects that have filled my life up to this point I find them inextricably connected to my expression of rhythm.

From a very early age when I began beating along to the Top 40 and the likes of Elvis Costello and The Police, through years of performing, touring, recording and then on to teaching and leading workshops, the use of rhythm has always been fundamental to my purpose and happiness.

Discovering the Soul Rhythm

Upon discovering the connection between rhythm, sound, vibration, resonance and energy, my interest in drumming and rhythm began to expand from purely a means to create music to a way to directly connect with my own inner pulse; my own true soul rhythm.

I started to play purely for the joy and benefit of feeling the rhythms come through me. I’m not saying that this experience was entirely unfamiliar but I had never set the intention to simply practice ‘being through drumming’.

I started to wonder what it would mean if people took the time each day to drum. To feel the rhythmic vibrations activating their own energy channels and synchronising their brainwaves to higher levels of intuition, connectedness and insight.

‘The infant begins his life on earth by moving its arms and legs, thus showing the rhythm of its nature, and illustrating the philosophy that teaches rhythm is a sign of life.’ – Hazrat Inayat Khan

The Tradition of the Drum

The drum is probably the oldest healing tool that we have and certain drum rituals and rhythms have been used unchanged for thousands of years. Its ability to serve as a tool for expanding consciousness and connecting with spirits can be found in the traditions of ceremonial drumming and shamanism.

For energy work the drum serves a powerful vibrational tool for aligning and activating all of our energy channels. We can use specific rhythms as a means to raise our vibration and connect to our inner guides.

The great thing is, you don’t even need to believe in this stuff. Once you start creating those grooves and those vibrations, the synchronisation is going to happen anyway. Your brainwaves are going to step in to match your tempo and your magnetic vibrational resonance is going to rise to the point that it drags that same frequency back to you.

Your emotions will shift as you move higher up the vibrational scale, they have to.

Just try feeling grumpy when you’ve got the vibration of joy cruising through your body. You can’t do it. You can shift low emotional states to higher ones through the intentional use of rhythm.

And if you’ve ever wondered why drummers are always smiling… now you know!


CRAIG COGGLE started playing drums at the age of 12 and went to become a professional drummer and signed recording artist appearing and performing across the globe. A respected music educator for almost 20 years Craig has worked with thousands of people within schools, colleges, hospices, universities and special needs institutions.

Craig trained in Music Workshop Facilitation at Goldsmith’s University and continued to study at Guildhall School of Music and Drama, Royal Academy of Music, the College of Sound Healing and the Strong Institute, creator of rhythmic entrainment intervention.

He has also studied and worked with a number of master drummers and mentors including Arthur Hull, Hiroshi Motofuji, John Stevens, Phil Mullen, Reinhard Flatischler, Jeff Strong, Paul Elliott

He is renowned for facilitating powerful change in a gentle and supportive style and continues to develop books for creative music makers everywhere. 

Craig is also the author of the books Meditation for Beginners and Meditation Power, he has written three manifestos and built a publishing company Tools for the Muso specialising in music manuscript books. His writing has also been featured in Tiny Buddha, Change This and Pick The Brain. 

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