I first discovered the real power of meditation on a 10-day Vipassana silent meditation course, in 2008. The technique emphasises developing a connection with the stillness within yourself through silent reflection and meditation. Since then I’ve developed my practice and have gone on to write two books that explore these techniques: ‘Meditation for Beginners’ and ‘Meditation Power’.

There have been a number of events in my life that I’ve been able to deal with much more securely because of this foundation. In fact as soon as I came back from that retreat I proposed to my now wife. In many ways as soon as I sat down in that meditation hall I knew that I had found where I was supposed to be.

If you are finding that you are struggling with events in your life you will find that space held in silence will improve both your mental and physical health. The benefits of practicing meditation are enormous and most people find that regular meditation is a massive source of strength in their life and I hope that it will be the same for you.


CRAIG COGGLE started playing drums at the age of 12 and went on to become a professional drummer and signed recording artist appearing and performing across the globe. After a relationship breakup he began meditating and found that spending time reflecting within brought an inner confidence and peace of mind to his life. 

A respected educator, consultant, writer and qualified meditation coach, Craig has worked with thousands of people within schools, colleges, hospices, universities and special needs institutions and now offers 1-2-1 coaching in rhythm and meditation to bring clarity, focus and calm to your life.

Over the years Craig has trained with leading drummers and sound healers including Arthur Hull, Hiroshi Motofuji, Jeff Strong, Reinhard Flatischler, John Stevens and Simon Heather. He continues to research and explore the connection between rhythm, drumming, meditation and wellness. He offers online drum lessons here.

Craig has also written two books on meditation, three creative manifestos and built a publishing company Tools for the Muso specialising in music manuscript books. His writing has been featured in Tiny Buddha, Change This and Pick The Brain and he shares his commitment to the pursuit of well-being through meditation at 21st Century Monk.

An extremely grateful husband and dad, he lives in London with his wife and two sons.