About Meditation

About Meditation

If anyone tells you that meditation is about clearing your mind or stopping your thoughts you would do best to run the other way. Seriously… save your money!

Thoughts are always there, they are energy moving and flowing. Trouble is, when we attach to thoughts and keep them alive, round and round. That’s when we get into the endless stream of worry cycles.

Meditation is an ancient practice that is as essential today as it has ever been. It is a tool, a practice and a life skill that will teach you more about yourself than any other process.

Meditation is awareness. An awareness of yourself and an awareness of reality.

Through practice you will learn to see your thoughts for what they really are… energy passing. They are not you or your identity. They are fleeting. When you are lost in them you become trapped in your head.

By building awareness of your thought process you become familiar with the observer within you, the watcher.

Through meditation you will come to know this higher self, you are free to explore and tune into anything. Knowledge and wisdom are intuitively accessible through what Patanjali described as the ‘raincloud of knowable things’. Imagine spending time doing that every day for months.