World Sound Healing Day 2018

World Sound Healing Day 2018

1). Heal Our Planet!
2). Heal Our Waters!
3). Raise Our Consciousness!

This is the first time I’ve done this and I’m super excited to be hosting a group Sound Healing session for World Sound Healing Day 2018.

The format is really straightforward and it’s okay if you’ve never done and sound work before. You don’t even need to be able to sing to join in. The key to this is that we create sound together with intention to raise consciousness on a global level.

You can join thousands of voices from around the globe who will be joining together to create a energetic and transformational sound for the planet.

Join me for the 16th Annual WORLD SOUND HEALING DAY on Wednesday, February 14, 2018. Get in touch for more details.

Can Play Ever Be Serious?

Can Play Ever Be Serious?

You know the cliché very well. Some well meaning boss, teacher or parent type figure misinterprets being supportive by actually projecting their need to control you: “This is serious! It’s no time for playing around.’

This conditioned directive is the same one they were given during their upbringing from previously trained figures of authority. Namely that play is something that gets in the way when things need to get real.

This is worth exploring a little deeper and is worthwhile because the pernicious myth that play is frivolous leads to all kinds of guilt trips when we find ourselves engaged in something that is enjoyable and flowing. We start thinking that we shouldn’t be having such fun and should instead make ourselves stern and miserable because that obviously leads to better work. Right?

Let’s look at the word ‘serious’.

First off this is something that is characterised by careful consideration, something that can be thoughtful in character. I’ve certainly seen my son’s friends get very careful and thoughtful when they are working on a LEGO creation.

Serious means not joking or being half hearted. Again we can see exactly this sentiment in play. Play can be dedicated and committed. Who wants half hearted team players or instrument players.

I’m not denying that there is a difference between things being serious or things being playful, i’m just saying let’s be careful we don’t’ undermine how committed and effective play can be.

Perhaps what is really meant when we are told, ‘this is serious,’ is that this is important or this is significant.

Well, dear reader, play can be both of those things too.

Will Mindfulness Ever Rule The World?

Will Mindfulness Ever Rule The World?

Ever since I started using drums for meditation and mindfulness i always wondered what would happen if the corridors of power were filled with the sound of drumming instead of back biting and vilification.

So I was gobsmacked to read a small piece in the UK press that seems to have quietly bubbled to the surface without any of the roaring fanfare that it deserves.

Last week, the Guardian reported that ministers were to meditate with politicians from Israel, Sri Lanka and Sweden as part of a new initiative exploring the impact of mindfulness on political process.

The group were to meet together and then be led in a series of meditations as a way to increase their awareness and, lo and behold, their compassion.

I can’t disguise my distrust of politicians and how simply delirious I am to hear that such an evolutionary step has been taken. This is a world where ideals and vision get trampled on by egos and self interest. Bypassing the fearful ego voice through the process of meditation has the potential to be a hugely trans-formative step.

Jon Kabat-Zinn who addressed the group reflected on the impact of such a move.

“The UK is way ahead of the curve,” Kabat-Zinn said. “I don’t know of any other country that is doing this, and now you have inspired politicians in many different countries. That is what this event is about. They can look each other in the face and strategise and support each other.

“This is not a weirdo lunatic fringe trying to take over the world, but an oxygen line straight into the heart of what is deepest and most beautiful in us as human beings.”

The other co-chair, Tim Loughton, a Conservative former minister, said: “There is an affinity amongst those who have been through this course and a rather more considered approach to exchanges of differing views.”

It won’t be long before the sound of those drums will become a reality.

You can read the original article here:


The Power of the Fifth Chakra

The Power of the Fifth Chakra

The Mighty Vishudha

The 5th chakra is the throat chakra that sits in the region of the neck and shoulders at the base of the throat. Its Sanskrit name is Vishudha which means pure or purification.

It holds an important position in the ‘chakra ladder’ as it is the first chakra of the higher or spiritual chakras also comprising the sixth and seventh chakras.

The representative colour of this chakra is blue, it has the symbol of a lotus flower with 16 petals and its element is sound (or some references suggest ‘ether’). The seed sound of the 5th chakra is ‘Ham’ and its vowel sound is ‘Eee’.

Expressing Your Creative Self

The 5th chakra represents the gift of pure communication, personal expression and honesty. It enhances your originality and authentic voice as well as your confidence in speaking your truth. It is the seat of your creative expression.

The way of the 5th chakra is standing up for what you believe, saying no when necessary and being open and honest in what you say. To live in balance with the throat chakra is means being inspired to seek and share the truth.

The Fifth Chakra & The Body

The areas of the body governed by the 5th chakra are the throat itself and the thyroid gland. When out of balance the symptoms can include sore throat, mouth ulcers, swollen glands, voice problems, trouble with gums or teeth or even thyroid dysfunctions of a more serious nature.

On an emotional level the challenge of this chakra when it is out of balance, due to either too much or too little energy or chi, is dealing with doubt and negative thinking. This can manifest itself as problems with decision-making, fear of speaking, being critical, being unable to express yourself or showing an inability to listen.

In fact a person with an open and balanced 5th chakra is a genuinely good listener and can thus enable others to experience actually being heard – one of the most profound and meaningful of all human needs.

Learn more about the rhythms of the chakra and how to use them in your energy work by joining me for live tuition here.

Why Happiness Is A Choice.

Why Happiness Is A Choice.

I’ve found that my two boys often show me why happiness is a choice. In fact, what is it about the young?
We are told that they are bundles of unrestrained joy and innocence. Really?
Well, how come I’m looking at a pouty lip from my eldest (6 years wise) on most mornings. How is him waking up and struggling against the family agenda providing evidence of natural happiness?
A better question is, “How does that serve him and what does it tell me?”
On first glance it looks like something called a bad mood. He has all the symptoms. Downturned mouth and gaze lowered to the floor. Apologetic voice, caved in shoulders and chest.
Something is not right. Something has happened.
Yet if you look up close you can see that it is a mask. It’s a persona he’s wearing, as if he’d got one of his superhero costumes from the dress-up box.
It’s a device that he’s using to help manipulate something. That’s how it serves him. And if you can catch it off guard it cracks and you can see him in there. Laughing.
A quick tickle or a reminder that it’s Nutella day usually does the trick.
The game is up and the ‘mood’ lifted.
He wants something and he’s playing the “it’s not fair” game.
But where did he learn such a device?
I know you’re already ahead of me. What a gift we have given them. “Dear children, despite your unrestricted flow of pure joy and smiles let us teach you how to put on a scowl and let everyone know that we are really pissed about something.”
“Thanks Dad, I’ll remember that.”
The hard part isn’t seeing through his mask, it’s realising that we do exactly the same thing. Daily
When someone annoys us we reach for the sulky pout. That will show them! If someone forgets that we were next in line we unleash the full-on “how dare you”. Irritated, impatient, agitated and annoyed.
We bring them out as our tools of communication. To let everyone know that we’re not pleased about things right now!
But as we’ve learned, it works both ways. We can just as easily trigger happiness!
We can choose to be tickled by things. To be amused.
Joy happens first, before the presents arrive.
We have to choose it and it is ours.
Happiness works by us first allowing it to bubble up and show itself. We often get caught up in our own drama that we don’t let it happen and we don’t see that we can choose it. We always think that happiness comes later.
Yet we have the power to make it happen.
We don’t need other people to do things that will make us happy.
We can choose happiness and the joy will flood in anyway.