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Use this clearly written guide to create a powerful meditation practice and start to access the power of meditation and mindfulness.

At the end of this book you will be:

– Looking forward to your meditation each day

– Finding the motivation to continue your practice

– Gaining more clarity in your thinking as your practice deepens

– Connecting with your innate creativity and wisdom on a regular basis

This book is full of usable content from someone who has spent the past ten years developing and refining his own nourishing meditation practice. You’re about to discover how you can do the same!


Excellent, down to earth guide to meditation practice. Also contains worksheets to help you stay on track and monitor how you’re doing.

Great book!

Badger Boo


A very simple, clear and concise introduction to the practicalities you need to think of in order to start a meditation practise, from where and when to do it to – most importantly – why to do it.

I like his down to earth, realistic and non-dogmatic approach. If you’re seriously considering adding a meditation practise to your life, this is definitely a good place to start.

Book Worm Number 1

And My Other One Is HERE...

Meditation For Beginners: The Complete Handbook of Scripts and Techniques for Everyday Life

This guide gives you an outline of some basic meditation techniques that have been collected from a range of sources and laid out as a 10-step course that you can start using straight away.

Meditation is a science and can be followed regardless of your religion, your beliefs, or your experience. Right this moment… you are, and you can get closer to who you are through meditation.

Using progressive exercises along with detailed meditation scripts this elegant guide makes meditation simple, accessible, and a natural part of contemporary life just waiting for you to experience.