The Art of Not Knowing

Screen Shot 2016-05-21 at 21.24.42“In education the starting point is what you don’t know.

Before you can begin your research or frame your experiments you’d better make sure that you are asking the right questions about what you don’t know. Trying to understand the universe through science can only come from a place of not knowing.

Innovation and creativity can only exist with the wonder of not knowing. I wonder what will happen if I mix this thing here with this thing over here. I don’t know but would love to find out. Curiosity is born from not knowing.

Not knowing therefore can help us change and grow.”

The Play Manifesto

Screen Shot 2016-05-21 at 21.24.28Having kids certainly changes lives.

Drawing on his experience as a father of two, Craig makes the case for the benefits of play for all of us as a way to to bring greater creativity and spontaneity into our work and personal lives.

When you choose to play more you will rediscover your true spirit and greater opportunity for abundance, joy and happiness.

How To Play Any Instrument

Screen Shot 2016-05-21 at 21.24.34Frustrated by the divides still existing in today’s music education, Craig makes the case for an accessible path for everyone that wants to play music.

Using his years of experience working in community projects with a focus on inclusion and respect he challenges the perception of what being musical really means.

Music was never meant to be only for an elite or exceptionally talented few and in this manifesto for music making Craig challenges you to reevaluate your own latent musical potential.